Tokens we use

Token standard

FlatQube uses a common standard for Everscale network tokens - TIP-3.1. The need to use TIP-3.1 tokens is due to the technical features of the Everscale blockchain, aimed at reducing transaction fees, increasing reliability and speed through dynamic sharding and P2P architecture. See TIP-3.1 for details. Here are some useful links:

Root contract

The token root contract stores general information about the token, e.g. name, symbol, decimals, token wallet code and so on.

User contract

Each token holder has its own instance of a token wallet contract. Transfers happen in a decentralized fashion - a sender token wallet SHOULD send a specific message to a receiver token wallet. Since token wallets have the same code, it's easy for receiver token wallets to check the correctness of sender token wallets.


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