Farming speed and vesting

These three blocks display information about the farming rate in that farming pool.

The Vesting block displays information about the vesting applied in this pool:

  • Reward token - the token distributed as a reward

  • Ratio vesting - the percentage of the reward unlocked for the specified period

  • Vesting period - the period after which the reward will be unlocked

  • Vesting end date - the date by which all currently available tokens in the Locked reward will be unlocked. As long as you continue farming, this date will shift as new reward tokens are constantly being vested.

Farming speed block displays information about the award distribution:

  • Epoch reward budget - the amount of reward received by this pool as a result of voting in the DAO. For two weeks from the end of an epoch, this reward will be evenly distributed among all the stakeholders.

  • Farming speed, sec - the number of tokens distributed between all stakeholders every second.

  • Start and End - the moment of start and end of this epoch's reward distribution.

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