EVER is Everscale's blockchain native token. This token is used when interacting with any contract on the network. It is with EVER that you pay the commission for any transaction.

The Wrapped EVER project allows Everscale's EVER token to be used as a TIP-3.1 compliant token.

Wrapped EVER works pretty much the same as Wrapped Ether. Minting and burning takes place on the Everscale network. Anyone can mint wEVER by locking EVER in the Vault contract. Also, wEVER can be burned to get EVER.

Use the Wrappedever.io interface to convert EVER to wEVER and vice versa.

Now EVER can be used on FlatQube. Your default balance will now be your cumulative balance of wEVER and EVER. These tokens can be swapped for any other TIP-3.1 tokens and you can also use them individually on the DEX if you wish.

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