Create a new pool

You can create your own pool consisting of one or more tokens that are not included in the FlatQube whitelist

  1. Go to the Pools section

  2. Click on the New position button in the upper right part of the page

  3. If your pool will include a token available in the FlatQube whitelist, select it from the list by clicking on Select a token. Otherwise, you first need to add a custom token to the list, as described in step 4.

  4. Let's add a token that is not on the list. To do this, click Select a token and enter the Root address of the required token in the field at the top of the list. If you created it using the in-built FlatQube builder, you can find the address on the page of the token. Also, the root address of any token is displayed on the page of the token in the EVER Scan blockchain explorer. Click Import and confirm your action.

  5. After that, if such a pool has not yet been created on FlatQube, click on the Create pool button and confirm the transaction in Ever Wallet.

Congratulations! Your pool is created. The process of adding liquidity to the newly created pool does not differ from the pools located in the FlatQube whitelist. You can add it there by placing it in your favorites. For this, we need to get to the page of the created pool in the Pools section.

Please note that at this stage the created pool will not appear on the list of pools!

To do this:

  1. Copy the address of the pool (it is displayed at the bottom of the page for adding liquidity), and paste it into the address bar of the Pools section (for example, in our case, this is

  2. Now this pool will be displayed on the main page of the Pools section.

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