Make a basic swap

Instructions for making a basic swap

Let's make a basic swap!

1. Connect to a wallet

First, connect your wallet by clicking Connect to a wallet.

2. Select tokens

After that, we will select WEVER as the token we want to exchange in the From column. Let's say we want USDC in exchange for WEVER. To do this, select the appropriate token in the To column.

3. Select an amount

Now we will enter the amount of WEVER that we want to exchange for USDC in the From column. You can also enter the amount of USDC we want to receive in the To column.

4. Make a swap

Now, if you are ready to make a Swap, click on the appropriate button. Check out the details about the upcoming swap and if everything is fine, click Confirm.

5. Confirm a transaction

After that, a transaction confirmation window will open in EVER Wallet. Here you'll find the amount of tokens that will be deducted from your wallet, as well as information about the fee: The attached amount is the amount that will be deducted from your wallet to cover the blockchain fee. As you can see, the Attached amount significantly exceeds the Blockchain fee – the exact fee amount is not known, so the blockchain fee amount will be deducted from the Attached Amount and the change will be returned to your wallet after the transaction is completed. Click Send.

Enter the password for the wallet account and click Confirm the transaction, considering that it is at this stage that the Swap will begin (this action is irreversible).

As soon as the transaction is completed, you will see a notification about it on FlatQube. You can go to the page of the Token contract, by clicking Token Root Contract, or to the transaction page by clicking Transaction result. Both of these actions will take you to pages of the Blockchain Explorer (

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