Basic swap

Overview of the Swap interface

So, we've come to the Swap section. Let's examine each element of the interface in detail.

In the upper right part of the swap window, you can see a gearβš™οΈ. This is a link to Transaction Settings. Here you can set the slippage tolerance.

From - is the amount of tokens that will be converted into a certain amount of other tokens - To. Click on Max to select all exchangeable tokens.

After selecting a certain amount of tokens in From or To, a few more informative lines will appear:

  • Slippage tolerance - it is the difference between the expected price of the token and its price at the time of the transaction. By changing this parameter, you can set the maximum slippage when making a transaction. That is, the transaction will not go through if the price of the token at the time of its completion changes by more than the specified percentage.

  • Minimum receive - the minimum amount of tokens you will receive, taking into account Slippage tolerance

  • Price impact - the change in the price of the underlying asset caused by this swap.

  • Liquidity Provider Fee - the amount of tokens that will be distributed in the form of a commission among all users (Liquidity providers) who provided liquidity to the pool of the pair you are exchanging.

  • Optimal price is the ratio of the price of the tokens you are going to exchange. By clicking on the πŸ”, you can choose the ratio of which token to another will be displayed.

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