All pools

By navigating to the Pools section, you will find yourself on this page.

Let's take a closer look at it.

In the upper part you will see Favorite Pools section.

To the right of it there are two buttons: New position and Remove liquidity, which allow you to lock or unlock tokens in the pools of your interest.

Lower there is the All pools section. It includes the whitelisted pools or those added by yourself. (link to How to - Create/Add custom pair).

The information displayed:

  • The number and the name of the pool - the name is a set of tokens that make up this pool.

  • TVL - it is the dollar equivalent of all tokens locked in the respective pool.

  • Volume 24H/7D - the trading volume of the pool for the last day and a week, respectively.

  • Your share - your share in this pool. It reflects the percentage of tokens locked by you out of the total number of tokens in this pool.

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