DAO balance

To get to this page, please click on the Balance management or Increase farming speed. You can find it on the right side of the upper part of DAO homepage.

DAO balance block displays the general statistics:

  • Your weight, veQUBE - the power of your vote.

  • Your deposited QUBE - the total number of QUBEs blocked by you.

Your deposits block displays the information about your deposits:

  • Amount, veQUBE - the total number of veQUBEs received as a result of the QUBE deposit.

  • Amount, QUBE - the number of QUBEs deposited.

  • Status - the current status of the deposit.

  • Lock period - the period for which QUBEs were blocked.

  • Ends in - after this amount of time, your QUBEs will be unlocked.

Transactions history block displays the list of your transactions related to the QUBE token deposit:

  • Type - transaction type

  • Amount, QUBE - the number of blocked QUBEs

  • Amount, veQUBE - the amount of veQUBE received as a result of the deposit

  • Date - the date of the transaction or the time that has passed since its completion.

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