Is the boost given only in the pool l voted for or in all of them?

Boost are given regardless of which pool/pools you voted for. The voting itself is needed to distribute the rewards between the pools.

If I farm in four pools or just one, what percentage of profit will I have from them?

In simple terms, this is a dynamic system with many variables. Thus, profitability will change all the time.

All possible variations can be calculated using the formulas from this article.

What does my income depend on?

In simple terms, profitability is affected by the number of locked QUBEs, the locking period of LP tokens and the percentage of votes for each specific pool.

For more detailed information please consult this article.

How many tokens will I receive if l decide to get out of the DAO?

You will receive the same amount of QUBEs that you initially invested. For instance, if you lock 100 QUBEs, regardless of the locking period, be it 2 weeks or 4 years, you will get your 100 QUBEs back.

Does my boost depend on the total number of locked QUBEs for all pools, or only the number given as a vote for a particular pool?

The boost is given regardless of which pool/pools you voted for. Even if you didn't vote, you'll still get a boost. However, if you vote, then the pool with your LP tokens will receive more votes, and, accordingly, more rewards.

Does voting only affect the farming speed distributions or will it also affect my bonus?

Voting affects the amount of reward for a particular pool that will be distributed during the next epoch.

Will I get any rewards if I just lock QUBEs and don't participate in voting?

The rewards are given for participation in farming. veQUBEs do not bring any income without farming. Voting is not taken into account in the rewards formula.

Will the boost be offered only in the pool l voted for or in all of them?

The boost will be in all pool that received from 1 to 35% of the votes.

How do I vote for the distribution of QUBEs by farming pools?

  1. you need to lock the QUBEs here

  2. scroll to the Your vote section here

  3. in the Your vote section, select a pool, specify the number of veQUBEs for voting and click Vote.

Can I vote again if I later lock some more QUBEs?

No. Such a mechanic is not provided.

The WEVER/BRIDGE pool has rewards in both QUBEs and BRIDGEs. How are the rewards distributed in BRIDGEs?

Locked veQUBEs do not increase the reward in BRIDGEs in this pool. On the other hand, the LP tokens locked affect the rewards in both QUBEs as well as other tokens.

What does the veQube locking period affect?

The longer the locking period, the less QUBEs are needed to get the right amount of veQUBEs.

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