Token lists

As the Everscale ecosystem continues to evolve, we continue to see an exponential increase in the number of TIP-3.1 tokens issued. As the rate of issuance of tokens increases, it becomes increasingly difficult for users to filter high-quality legitimate tokens from fraud, fakes, and duplicates. To solve this problem, there are Token Lists - standards for creating a list of tokens.

Without a listing, the utility of an asset is greatly reduced. Unlisted assets often cannot be transferred, sold or used in any other way. For all intents and purposes, "unregistered assets" do not exist. Lists of tokens will allow you to immediately recognize and interact with new TIP-3.1 tokens as soon as they are deployed.

Token lists leverage the strengths of decentralized blockchains like Everscale—the many high-quality projects and communities, their ability to share public infrastructure, and the ease of interoperability between them.

The idea is simple: any project that maintains a list of tokens makes that list public. Thus, these projects tie their reputation to published lists.

Another important benefit of lists is the speed with which new assets can be discovered and used. If a new resource is released by an authoritative project, the project can simply update its own list, and any interface (or maintainer of the aggregate list) that subscribes to that list can automatically import it in real-time.

At the moment, lists of tokens have not yet been implemented and you can only add custom tokens manually through the token selection interface.

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