Farming performance and deposits

Your farming performance

This block displays information about your locked funds in the pool:

Balance displays:

  • The dollar equivalent of your stake (current and past).

  • Amount of tokens that make up your LP at the moment. This number changes depending on the ratio of the prices of these tokens to each other.

  • Number of locked LP tokens.

  • Share in the farming pool reflects the percentage of your farming LPs from the total number locked in this farming pool. At the same time, it is a percentage of the total reward that you will receive at any given time.

  • Available reward - the amount of earned reward, which you can withdraw at the moment.

  • Locked reward - the amount of reward locked in the vesting. Part of this reward is permanently unlocked and goes to Available reward.

The right side contains APR information and a balance management window:

  • Current APR is the current annual return from your stake.

  • Default APR is the annual yield of the pool without taking into account the boosts.

  • Boost with LP lock - the percentage of APR that is given by locking LP tokens for a certain period of time.

  • Boost with QUBE - the percentage of APR which is given by locking QUBE. Read more on the page at this link.

Clicking on Deposit LP tokens will open a window for depositing LP tokens into the pool.

Clicking on Withdraw LP token will open a window for withdrawing funds from the pool.


Below is the My deposits block, which contains information about your deposits into this pool:

  • Amount, LP-tokens - the amount of LP tokens deposited by this transaction

  • Deposit status - the status of this deposit (in our case, the funds are still blocked and, accordingly, the boost is activated)

  • Deposit date

  • APR boost - APR coefficient, applied to this deposit.

  • Lock period

  • End lock date

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