Vote in Epoch

In order to participate in the voting of the current Epoch, first of all, you need to get veQUBEs by locking QUBEs.

Once you have received the veQUBEs, you can use them for voting:

  1. Go to the main page of the DAO and go down to the Epoch section.

  2. Click on Start voting.

  3. Select the candidate pools that you want to vote for. You can add candidates by clicking Add candidate on the left side of the section.

  4. Enter a percentage of the strength of your vote (a fraction of your portfolio), or the exact amount of veQUBEs that you want to use as a vote.

  5. After completing the previous steps, click Vote and then Confirm voting in the window that opens.

  6. Confirm the transaction in the Ever Wallet window that opens.

  7. Upon completion of the transaction, you will see the information about your vote in the Your vote of the corresponding Epoch.

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