Farm information


This block contains information about the vesting rules, as well as addresses of contracts related to this pool.

  • Vesting ratio is the percentage of the reward that will be sent to vesting.vesting. Vesting

  • Vesting period - the period for which the received reward is unlocked.

  • Vesting end date - the date by which all currently available tokens in the Entitled reward will be unlocked. As long as you continue farming, this date will shift as new reward tokens are constantly being vested.


Clicking on any of these addresses will take you to its blockchain explorer (EverScan) page.

  • Farming pool contract address - the contract on which all LP farm tokens and Reward balances are stored.

  • Owner address - address of the administrator of this pool.

  • My farming address - the contract with which interactions take place when you perform operations in this pool.

  • Farming token root - the root contract asdress of LP farm token of this farming pool.

  • Reward token root - the reward token address.

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