Deposit/Withdraw farm tokens

Deposit LP tokens

In order to take part in farming, you need to invest any number of LP tokens in the farming pool you are interested in:

  1. Go to the Farming section and select the farming pool that interests you

  2. If you have not done this before you can get LP tokens by clicking on the appropriate button

  3. Go back to the farming pool page and click on Deposit LP tokens in the block Your farming performance

  4. Enter the amount of LP tokens that you want to block in the farming pool, as well as the lock period. The lock period will affect the farming boost.

  5. Confirm the transaction in the Ever Wallet window that opens and wait for it to complete

Withdraw LP tokens

In order to withdraw LP tokens from the farming pool do the following:

  1. Go to the page of the pool you are interested in from the Farming section.

  2. In the block Your farming performance click on Withdraw LP tokens.

  3. Enter the number of LP tokens you want to withdraw. If you want you can withdraw them together with the reward. To do this, put a check mark next to the corresponding line.

  4. Click Withdraw and confirm the transaction in the opened Ever Wallet window.

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