Farming pool statistics

This block displays the current statistics of this farming pool.

On the left you can see the following values:

  • TVL (Tota value locked) - the total amount of tokens locked in this farming pool in dollar terms.

  • LP token and LP breakdown express the TVL in terms of LP tokens and tokens of the pool, respectively.

  • APR - the annual return of the pool at the moment.

  • Remain reward balance - the number of tokens available to reward farmers.

  • Farming speed, sec - the reward that is distributed to all farmers of this pool every**.**

  • Your Share means the percentage you get of that number every second.

The graph on the right shows the change in TVL or APR, depending on the display mode. You can also change the display mode to easily track changes: By hour (1H) or by day (1D).

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