Lock tokens

In order to participate in the voting, you need to get veQUBE tokens. The only way to do this is to lock your QUBEs for a certain period. To do this, go to the DAO Balance section from the DAO homepage.

On the right side of the page you will see Deposit QUBE tokens:

  1. Enter the amount of QUBE tokens you want to deposit or press Max to select the maximum possible amount.

  2. Enter the number of days you want to look your QUBE tokens. The longer the tokens are locked, the more veQUBEs you will receive. The maximum locking period is 4 years

  3. At the bottom you will see the number of veQUBE tokens that you will receive as a result of the deposit. If everything is correct, click Deposit tokens.

  4. Confirm the transaction in the Ever Wallet window that opens and wait for it to complete.

  5. After the transaction is completed, you will see the completed transaction in transactions history and the information about the deposit in the deposits section.

  6. The number of your veQUBE tokens will be reflected on your balance**.**

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