Configure slippage tolerance

How to change the slippage percentage?

When making a swap, FlatQube users have the option to change the Slippage tolerance. Recall that slippage tolerance is the difference between the expected price of the token and its price at the time of the transaction. By changing this parameter, you can set the maximum slippage when making a transaction. That is, the transaction will not go through if the price of the token at the time of its completion changes by more than the specified percentage.

So how do you manage slippage tolerance? It's very simple.

Go to the Swap section and connect your wallet to FlatQube if you haven't already.

In the upper-right part of the swap window (1), you can see a gearβš™οΈ. This is a link to Transaction Settings. Here you can set slippage tolerance. You can choose one of the offered percentages, or enter it manually (2). When making a swap, you will see that the Slippage tolerance will change (3).

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