Pool share

Rewards are paid out in the form of one or more tokens that can then also be deposited in other liquidity pools for users to get further rewards.

The total number of locked-in assets is displayed as the TVL (Total Value Locked), and the number of assets locked into a pool by a single provider is displayed as a Pool Share, which is expressed as a percentage of the TVL of a given pool.

Accordingly, the larger the Pool Share, the more lucrative farming will be for the user.

Liquidity pools in which providers deposit their tokens support the market. Thanks to them, token swaps and other operations are made possible. Liquidity providers earn a commission on all transactions (usually a .3% commission on the total transaction price, but the exact commission depends on the pool). Commissions are added to pools in real-time and distributed to providers proportionally to their Pool Shares. They can be claimed at any time and withdrawn along with the original liquidity provided.

In order to stimulate the provision of liquidity on FlatQube, a number of farming programs have been launched. Liquidity providers can deposit their LP tokens in the Farming Pool that corresponds to their liquidity pool and receive additional rewards every second already as a farmer. The remuneration is distributed among all Farming Pool members in proportion to their share.

Each Farming Pool on FlatQube has its own **** Farming Speed, which is the number of tokens that get constantly distributed to liquidity providers in proportion to their Pool Shares. Essentially, a Pool Share is the percentage you will receive of this number at any moment in time.

Rewards are constantly being calculated, and the **** Farming Speed **** for a pool can change.

To calculate the profitability of farming on FlatQube, the APR (annual percentage rate) is used.

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