Burn tokens

If you want to reduce token supply, there is an interface for burning them. In order to burn part of created token supply, go to the token page in the Builder section and click on Burn in the right block of the page.

In the interface window that opens, fill in the appropriate fields:

  • Enter the address from which the tokens will be burned in the Target address field.

  • Enter the amount to burn

  • Optionally enter Callback address and Callback payload ****(In simple terms, a Сallback address is an address of a smart contract that can use data from a Callback payload when a corresponding message arrives)

The bottom part of the window displays the number of tokens stored at the specified Target Address and the total supply of the token.

If you are ready to start the burning process, click Burn, confirm the transaction in your EVER Wallet and wait for the process to finish.

Upon completion, on the token page, you will see that the Supply has changed:

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