Farming pools

By going to the Farming section, you will find yourself on a page with a list of currently available Farming pools. If you previously added liquidity to one of the farming pools, then this pool will be displayed in the Favorite pools block.

This page also displays various columns with farm pool information:

  • Farm pool - the LP tokens of this particular liquidity pool must be locked in the Farming pool in order to start receiving a reward.

  • Reward is the tokens that are awarded as a reward for farming in this pool.

  • TVL is the total dollar amount of tokens locked in this farming pool.

  • APR, min./APR, max. is a measure of the annual yield of that pool. Min. APR is the minimum profit that a user receives for locking their LP tokens for the shortest period possible.

    Max. APR is the profitability for the maximum boost coefficient for LP tokens and the boost for locking QUBE tokens.

    You can find out more about the boosting mechanism via following this page.

  • Share is your share in the farming pool. This is the percentage of the TVL that your locked liquidity constitutes. At the same time, Share also means the percentage of the reward that you will receive for every unit of time.

  • Your reward is the reward available for the claim.

  • Entitled reward is a reward that is in the vesting protocol.

  • Notice the Filters button at the top right of the page.

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