Different kinds of FlatQube users


Users of FlatQube are people who have connected their wallet to the platform. Any user can take advantage of all available functionality without restrictions: they can swap tokens, provide liquidity to pools, farm and build tokens.

Liquidity providers

Liquidity providers are users who lock their tokens in liquidity pools. A liquidity provider that locks his liquidity in any pool receives a corresponding LP token, which stores information about the locked liquidity and is proof of ownership of the pool share.

Farm admins

Any FlatQube user can create their own Farming pool. In this case, they will be the pool admin. The pool admin has the right to choose the start and end date of farming, set the vesting period, choose tokens for rewarding farmers and farming speed.


Users who have locked their liquidity in a particular pool can use their LP tokens for yield farming (liquidity farming) using the corresponding FlatQube interface. In exchange for locking their LP tokens in a specific farming pool, farmers receive a reward.

Token builders

FlatQube has a token builder interface. Users who create their own tokens using this interface are called token builders.

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