Boosted farming

What’s this?

Boosted farming is a virtual increase in your balance. In other words, this virtual increase in the balance increases the farming speed.

Your virtual balance can be increased through either locked QUBE (veQUBE) or locked LP tokens sent for farming. When you create a pool in the new farm, boosted farming from veQUBE takes place automatically, while the boost from locking LP is configured when you add a pool to the new farm and can range from zero to four years.

In order to clearly demonstrate how Boosted Farming works, the FlatQube team has developed the Farming Boost Calculator.

Farming Boost Calculator is an in-built interface on FlatQube that allows you to assess the potential profit from farming in an understandable way. It takes into account such indicators as the number of LP tokens and their locking time, as well as the number of QUBEs locked in DAO and the time of their locking.

Since the amount of the reward, as well as the speed of its distribution in QUBEs is dynamic (changes with every epoch), the calculator will not allow you to estimate your earnings in the long term. That is because there is no guarantee that the previous APY will not change.

Nevertheless, it is a very useful and convenient tool that allows you to understand how various aspects of Boosted Farming affect your potential income. It will also permit you to evaluate the possible income in the current Epoch.

Below you can find a mathematical explanation of Boosted Farming working principles:

Increasing your balance through veQUBE:

Total deposits (TD) — is just the total amount of the user’s deposits in a specific gauge. We need this new entity when measuring locked deposits.


  • d — user’s deposit.

  • n — number of deposits.

veQUBE — vote escrowed tokens, which can be obtained by locking QUBE. The amount of veQUBE remains static for the whole duration of the lock.


  • QUBE lock time – lock time in days.

Ve-boosted deposit (veBD) – part of the virtual balance which is calculated from the user’s veQUBE amount:


  • GB – gauge balance, sum of user balances in a specific gauge (e.g. EVER/USDT).

  • veQUBE – number of veQUBE that the user has.

  • TveQUBE – total circulating supply of veQUBE.

Increasing your balance through locking LP

LP-locked boosted deposit (BD) – part of the virtual balance which is calculated from the time the deposit is locked.


  • Deposit lock time – the time that the user has blocked their LP tokens for.

  • Max. lock time – maximum possible LP lock time.

  • d – user deposit.

Summation of boosts from veQube and LP

LP-locked boosted deposit multiplier (lBD multiplier) – boost we get for locked LP

Finally, virtual balance — the balance to which the user’s weight in the farming pool will be applied


Farming is credited to the user’s virtual balance, so anyone who does not have a locked deposit or locked QUBE will get less rewards than previously. The average farming speed is almost unchanged, but the (virtual) balance to which the reward will be credited will increase; therefore, the real balance that was there before will give less.


User A $1 10 veQUBE; user B $1,000 10,000 veQUBE; EVER/USDT TVL – $10,000; veQUBE supply – 100,000

User A pool weight:

before 1/10,000 = 0.01%

after 2.5/11,501.5 = 0.02174%

User B pool weight:

before 1,000/10,000 = 10%

after 2,500/11,501.5 = 21.74%

Other users pool weight:

before 8,999/10,000 = 89.99%

after 8,999/11,501.5 = 78.24%

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