Withdraw liquidity

Remove tokens from liquidity pool
In order to withdraw your tokens from the liquidity pool, you need to go to the Remove liquidity page. You can do this in two ways:
  1. 1.
    Open the Pools section and select Remove Liquidity in the upper right corner. Then select the left and right token of the pair.
2. In the Pools section, go to the Pool page of the desired pair by clicking on it. Then click Burn Liquidity under Your balance block**.**
In both cases, the final page will be Remove Liquidity for the selected pair.
Here you can see your Pool Share as well as the exact amount of tokens that make up your liquidity.
In order to withdraw liquidity from the pool, enter the amount of LP tokens to burn. In this case, you will see the number of tokens that will return to your balance after this process is completed. At the bottom, your updated **** Pool share and the number of tokens that will remain locked in the pool will be displayed.
Click Confirm to start the process of unlocking the tokens.
After confirming the transaction, you just have to wait for its execution. After the transaction is completed, you will see the Transaction submitted window. By clicking on View on TON Scan, you can go to the page of this transaction in the blockchain explorer.