Create new position

There are several ways to go to the page for adding liquidity to a pair:
  1. 1.
    Go to the Pairs section, go to the page of the desired pair by clicking on the appropriate pair and click Add liquidity:
2. In the Pool section select New position. Choose the left and right tokens that will form your pair.
3. In the New Farming pool section select Get LP Tokens.
First of all, you need to connect the pool to your Dex account. To do this, click Connect Pool and confirm the transaction. This action must be performed once for each new pool.
To get started, enter the amount of tokens you wish to add to the pool. You can enter the amount of both the left and right tokens, and the required amount of the second token will be calculated automatically at the current FlatQube rate.
You can also use the auto exchange feature if you want to use one token for One-sided liquidity provision.****
After entering the amount, you will see how much your Pool share will change, as well as the ratio of the price of tokens.
Now you need to deposit tokens. Click Deposit and confirm the transaction in EVER Wallet.
After you successfully deposit the left token, do the same for the right one:
And here we are almost at the finish line - now it is necessary to produce Supply. This operation will also require confirmation.
After you successfully complete the Supply process, you will see a Supply receipt window.
Here you will see the current Pool share and the percentage by which it was increased by this transaction, as well as the number of received LP tokens.****