Pair page

Select one of the tokens in the Pairs section to go to that pair's page. Below you will find a description of all blocks of this page.
The page of any pair is divided into several blocks, let's consider each of them.

Upper block

The following functions are available in this block:
****Exchange rates chart Volume chart Add liquidity **** to this pair in the pools interface ****Trade **** - make a swap with these two tokens ****Token page - сlick on one of the pair's tokens to go to that token's page ****Open in explorer ****
Also on the left side of this block you can see information about:
****TVL (Total value locked) Total Tokens Locked - The total number of locked tokens in the pool of this pair ****Trading volume for the last 24 hours Trading volume for the last 7 days The amount of fees in dollars that have been paid to liquidity providers in the last 24 hours